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Website and mobile app Android and iPhone for permit management

300 000 kr (27 000 €)
Visit to view video clips of the companys service

A company with a unique mobile app for iPhone and Android is for sale. The company was founded in 2019 in Sweden and has been a startup since then. Due to changes in insurance conditions in Sweden within the industry where it was intended to operate, it is now being sold.

The company sees that the app is ahead of its time in the intended industry. Utilizing the app for the intended customers would provide both time savings by digitally processing permits remotely through a directly synchronized checklist and video calls. It would also contribute to environmental savings as fewer car journeys would be needed for all companies using the service. Permits can also be processed on-site with or without internet, which does not require a call.

With minor modifications, the service could be adapted for another type of permit management within any industry. The company sees that there are a large number of other permit types that could be digitized or processed remotely to achieve a more efficient and flexible management.

The service is a Software as a Service SaaS company, meaning you can earn passive income. Insurance conditions in Sweden prevent this type of remote control in the intended industry however, there is the possibility of continuing the service in other Nordic countries.
The company is for sale because it lacks capital and the owners have realized that they have too little time to be able to enter a new country or rebuild the service to manage other permit types.

The mobile app has been temporarily removed from Google Play and the App Store.

If interested, email the company at for more information and ongoing dialogue. The service can be demonstrated in a digital meeting.
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